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Creda's advanced, patented digital technology
allows users to stay on top of their conditions through
nutrition guidance, fitness training, customized health
coaching, and more. Track vitals, diet, medications
and symptoms on the go easily and even get answers
to questions in real time from our Creda Care Crew.

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Your Personal
Customized Care Program

Leveraging provider, patient, and best-practices data,
we've implemented condition-specific care models that analyze
symptoms, medications, vitals, labs, nutrition, and lifestyle
elements to monitor disease progression and treatment
effectiveness, all in a single app and unlike anything else on
the market.

We believe an informed patient is a healthier
patient. Got questions? Your Creda Care Crew is
waiting 24/7 with answers.

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What’s at the
heart of your care?

What's at the heart of your care? YOU!
We'll help you remember the important stuff and step in
to help out whenever you need it.


Download the app and
enroll in the Creda Care program
that fits your needs
Get one-on-one consultations
with our crew of handpicked
of Healthcare Experts
Get a personalized plan
based on your health and
wellness goals
Use our Digital Health Assistant
and Creda Care Crew to implement
your care program and start your
journey to healing

Creda Care Programs

Take back your life! Our holistic care programs can
help you get ahead of your condition. If you want, we'll be
by your side every step of the way.

Chronic Care

Preventive Care

The Creda Care Crew

Meet the healthcare experts that will spend time
with you to understand your needs, limitations, and goals.
The team of experts assigned to you will customize your
program regularly, and be available to provide consults
and clarify doubts.

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